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Why so special?

Tasmania’s temperate climate is known for producing some of the best fruit in the world. Cherries are no exception.

Our cherries are grown in the picturesque Derwent Valley. The orchard’s unique micro-climate means we are typically the last fruit harvested in the valley, intensifying flavour without sacrificing freshness or shelf life.

Autumn is a time for renewal and rejuvenation in the orchard.  Older wood is removed to make way for new, younger fruiting wood.  Thick layers of mulch are laid beneath the trees to  improve soil health and vitality.
Chilly winters and long periods of low temperature allow trees to store nutrients ready for the upcoming season.  As the temperature increases buds swell and flowers begin to develop. Life starts returning to the orchard.
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Spring in the orchard is a masterpiece of nature being painted before your eyes. Burgeoning buds quickly turn to white popcorn as the tree bounds to life again.  Bees perform their miracle turning flowers into fruit. 
Long summer days and cool nights create slow ripening conditions.  The unique sweetness and flavor accumulating in our cherries sets them apart from all others.
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